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A Prepare for high-stakes real-life situations with Late Shift, an Award Winning Interactive Crime Thriller
Launch the “Late Shift” program for you or your team – Learn your and your team’s role skill strengths and understand how to best use them for optimal alignment and performance. Certified trainers and coaches, as well as train-the-trainer programs, are available.
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“This game wasn’t meant for everyone…. But it is highly advised to adapt and sweep the benefits in!” R. Fekete
“I was pleasantly surprised by my gameplay results! I am more of a Team Player than I had ever imagined. God bless!” K. Topps
“Thanks a million – you introduced me to the benefits of gaming to enhance my skills. Engaging and professional.” C. Malone
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The First Real Interactive Movie
How It Works?
Do you love watching movies but hate the feeling of wasting your precious time?
Interactive Movie
Hollywood meets Personal and Professional Development. Hollywood’s leading interactive movie technology (CtrlMovieCtrlMovie – a Paramount company) and the most sophisticated game-based data analytics (ALEAS Group) are joining forces to create Smart Entertainment to disrupt traditional learning and development.
Experiential Learning Journey
Based on individual and team game results, KO Center offers a wide range of professional After Action Review programs, coaching, and mentoring services. LEARN, WORK, PLAY – FOR THE MIND, BODY, SOUL.
Benefits of Risk-Free Training
Late Shift’s game-based learning provides a risk-free intro to leadership challenges in a safe virtual learning environment. It allows users to experience and see the real-time impact of their decisions and actions.
Program FAQ
Late Shift offers multiple story paths with no definitive set of “right” or “wrong” choices. KO Center offers coaching sessions based on your Late Shift gameplay results. Certified coaches provide insights and guidance to help you analyze your decisions and develop your professional skills.
Improve your decision-making abilities in facing complex challenges!
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Smart Entertainment Solution by
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Role Skill Strengths
How to Move Forward and Be Happy at Work
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Gameplay Results
Smart Entertainment Solution by
ALEAS, CtrlMovie, and KO Center
VUCA Competencies
How to Deal with Uncertainty and Danger
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