Is what you do not as engaging anymore? Is it hard to find the fit between tasks and team?

Is AI a threat rather than an opportunity?

Is mental health and wellness an issue at your work?

Does VUCA scare you? Has everything become uncertain and unpredictable around you?

Want to take back the initiative but need help figuring out how to start?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes,
Late Shift is for you!

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This program is about your ROLE SKILL STRENGTHS and VUCA READINESS.

By understanding your current role, skills, strengths, and weaknesses, you will improve your decision-making abilities in facing complex challenges.

In this safe and immersive virtual environment, you will see your decisions’ real-time consequences and practice unusual and difficult situations by trying to find the optimal solution more than once.

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In the Late Shift program, we combine
Hollywood’s storytelling talent
with the science of Positive Psychology.

This is how Late Shift Experiential Learning works:
You play the interactive crime thriller “Late Shift.”
The Award-winning profiling analyzes your decisions and generates gameplay results.
You can connect to our team of qualified coaches who can provide you with a professional “after-action review,” including practical support and personalized development plans.
Download our sample gameplay results to see how it fits your personal and professional development needs!

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How do you know this is real?

Late Shift gameplay results are inspired by the work with the psychometric labs at ALEAS Group, and Prof. Csikszentmihalyi, the founder of Flow Psychology, coined the term “Flow” and co-founded Positive Psychology.

And don’t forget: Late Shift is Hollywood’s first interactive cinematic experience and currently its most popular interactive movie with over 25 million views.