FAQs about “Late Shift”

What is a “Late Shift” experiential learning and development pack?

The “Late Shift” learning and development pack (the “Late Shift Package”) contains access to an interactive crime thriller movie, a special game-results assessment, and related online learning resources.

The Late Shift Package combines film and video game elements with people analytics. It allows players to make choices that shape and determine the story’s outcome. During gameplay, the player’s decisions are analyzed by the award-winning game-result analytics which provides positive psychology-based, auto-generated feedback on the player’s behavior. The game-results assessment helps focus on the skills required to perform better or succeed in personal and team relations.

Optional follow-up programs by qualified trainers and coaches provide tailor-made professional support to realize sustainable results in Late Shift’s self-paced learning journey.

How does “Late Shift” experiential learning work?

You play the Late Shift interactive movie and make about 150 decisions during the movie. After you finish the movie, the platform automatically generates your game results by indicating your strengths and areas to develop. The assessment also suggests actions to optimize your or your team’s performance.

Are there optimal choices in “Late Shift”?

“Late Shift” offers multiple story paths, and no definitive set of “right” or “wrong” choices exists. The game’s appeal lies in exploring different possibilities and the consequences of your decisions in an immersive experience.

What Gameplay Results to I get in the Late Shift Package?

You receive 2 gameplay results based on the behavior in your gameplay. One provides your Role Skill Strengths and the other provides your readiness to handle volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigous (VUCA) situations. The Role Skills Strengths results show you what type of role your skills best fit, how to optimize them and how that might best fit in a relationship and team. Your VUCA gameplay results show your strengths and gaps for VUCA – the chaos, stressful, crisis – situations. Together, these results are designed to show individuals and teams how they can gain understanding, empathy, trust, well-being and resilience for the best relationships and for teams alignment and performance.

Can I receive coaching based on my “Late Shift” gameplay results?

Yes! Koherence offers coaching sessions based on your Late Shift gameplay results. Certified coaches provide insights and guidance to help you analyze your decisions and develop your professional skills.

Can I play “Late Shift” multiple times?

Absolutely! Late Shift encourages replayability. The “trial and error” gaming approach is essential to Late Shift’s experiential learning. Each time you play, you can make different choices, explore alternative storylines, discover new endings and expand your skills.

How long is the “Late Shift” movie?

The duration of the game depends on the choices made by the player. On average, a single playthrough of Late Shift takes about 70 minutes.

Do I have to complete the movie within a specific time frame?

No, you can start your gameplay whenever you want after purchasing your access.

What type of device/browser do I need?

You only need a standard web browser to access the Late Shift experiential learning features. You can use any mobile device (phone, except iPhone or tablet), but we recommend using a laptop for the most complete experience.

What is “Late Shift’s” privacy policy?

Check out Late Shift’s Terms of Use here: https://ko.is/terms-of-use/

Is “Late Shift” suitable for all ages?

Late Shift is rated for mature audiences due to its themes and content, which may include violence, language, and adult situations. It is rated for players aged 17 and above.

Can I download the movie “Late Shift”?

No, the “Late Shift” interactive movie is not downloadable, but you can save your game results on your computer in PDF format.